Retargeting Audiences by sector

Retargeting solutions involve the use of strategically placed display ads in order to re-engage with users who previously visited your website. Through the use of retargeting solutions, we are able to deliver more personalized and cost-effective content to visitors who may have left our website before taking the desired action.

How Does It Work?

Our portfolio of financial websites all contain what are known as a retargeting pixels. The pixels job is to collect essential visitor data. This includes info such as which pages the user has visited, how much time they have actually spent on your site, and exactly where the users are located in the world.

When a user enters our website, the pixel also places what’s known as a retargeting cookie in the visitor’s browser. This cookie will literally leave a trail of cookie crumbs behind as the user surfs the web.

What This Means?

This means that we can effectively retarget any previous visitor to our site with display ads across the web even after they’ve left the site by following the cookie trail.

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The good thing about retargeting campaigns, is that they are specifically designed to run effectively across multiple websites, platforms, and social media channels.

This is an extremely important factor for a company like ours that runs multi-channel digital campaigns where the channels cross in order to enhance one another.



Retargeting is quickly growing because it is very effective at gathering and harnessing the power of personalized data (also known as first party data). This valuable data tells us a lot about a person’s online behavior which also helps our digital media campaigns bid more efficiently for display ad space online.

Our Solutions

Our retargeting solutions ensure us that we can re-engage all previous visitors with relevant content wherever they might go online.
It also allows us to build and maintain a valuable data base which can also be utilized for future campaigns based upon relevance..

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